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The Convenience of the Coinless Slot machines

One would easily notice that one of the fastest alterations the casinos have made over the years was their use of the coinless type of slot machines. For others these machines are known as the "EZ-Pay system", there are others who refer to them as the "TITO" machines which means Ticket In and the Ticket Out. These machines do not require the players to feed coins in them. They can be activated by placing any denomination of a bill into the receptor called the "bill receptor".

The machine will then validate the bill and the amount of the player's credits will be registered automatically. When the player hits the cash out button, a paper called the voucher will then be printed out. It will bear the pay out for the player which he or she redeems at the redemption area or at the cashiers area. Today the latest machines already carry this particular feature.

Changing to the coin less slot machines became a need since there was the presence of the machines having multiple denominations. The owners or management of the casinos also approved of the idea because it required them to have less costs for labor because of having many attendants.

Casinos made sure that the new system of the coin less slot machines would then be widely accepted by their customers. The casinos provided more redemption areas found on the floors of the casino which helps to have a convenient and faster way for the slot players to cash in the pay out vouchers. Now the slot players don't have to carry loads of coins and then fall in line to have them counted by the cashier.

The slot players no longer have to get worried when the slot machine runs out of the coins. Before one of the problems of most of the players of the slots was waiting for their turn to have their hopper filled specifically when the casino was busy and filled with customers, the coin less slot machines eradicated this issue.

The initial introduction of the coin less machines created one problem for the slot players; this was the inconvenient process when they are changing machines. Before the slot players have to get their vouchers and take it to the redemption or cashier' areas then have it converted into money so they can put it into the machine they want to play next.

Luckily the casinos addressed this issue soon enough, the players now play with the latest slot machines which gave more convenience when changing machines because a player can just easily place the voucher directly into the next machine he or she wants to play with without having to convert them.

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