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Slot Machine Myths Revealed

There is no doubt that the slot machine is one of the more popular games in the casino. When it comes to payouts, it is one of the games that provide the opportunity to earn a hefty income. For the past ten years, land-based slot machines have made millionaires out of people who tried out the game. Now, with the Internet, people previously deprived of this opportunity can now venture into slot machines in different online casinos without the need to be travel to a casino to enjoy the game. In this article, we will dissect some popular myths about the game and disprove them once and for all.

Myth One: Offline Slot Machines Brings More Fortune Than Online Slots

A number of slot players say that pulling the lever of brick-and-mortar casinos brings more luck than hitting the play button in online slots or vice versa. The truth of the matter is it does not make a difference if the player pulls a lever or pushes the button. The principle works in a similar fashion. Both land-based and online casino slots are controlled by random number generators (RNGs), which are responsible for producing the winning combination. In truth, what makes one distinct from the other is time.

Since the process of creating possible winning combinations is constant, the player would most probably come out with a different combination in a brick and mortar casino due to the fact that it would take so time to pull the handle of the machine. It would be unlikely that the player would be able to press the play button at the same instance that they pulled the lever of land-based machines. This paves the way for a different outcome.

Myth Two: My Machine is going to stay hot

A number of gamblers venture into slot machines simply because they have the tendency to stay "hot." Again, this is not true. In reality, the likelihood of losing is much bigger than the percentage of winning. While a machine may seem to be on a roll, the situation is only temporary. These spins are all mixed into play. It is likely that a machine can go a winning streak frequently but the situation would not stay that way for long. Likewise, when the machine has settled down, it may no longer go a winning streak for several hours or even days.

Myth Three: My equipment is nearly hitting. It's likely to win.

When a slot machine is hitting winning combinations, it is not an indication that it will hit but simply added another combination onto its banks. You should never fall into the trap of believing that winning is imminent any time. Long ago, it was believed that programmers intended this to happen in order to lure players to keep playing.

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